Terms and Conditions

(English version of the documents is coming soon):


House Rules



This instruction applies to all visitors to THE HALL. It is enforced throughout the premises, i.e. both in the building and in the outside area.

Order and Safety

Guests must follow the instructions of the security services and employees of Eventpark AG (THE HALL) at all times.

The use of fireworks of any kind within the entire perimeter of THE HALL premises is strictly prohibited. 

The security personnel can determine the personal details of spectators who disobey the house rules or who oppose the instructions. In addition, THE HALL Security is entitled to detain persons for the purpose of recording personal data or until the police arrive.

In the event of gross violations, the promoter and Eventpark AG are entitled to withdraw tickets and accreditations and to expel the offending persons. Eventpark AG reserves the right to enforce breaches of the house rules in court, to impose house bans and to hold the offending persons liable for damages incurred.

Security Checks

For the security of all, the security personnel carry out security checks at the entrance. The security service is also entitled to carry out a body search of the guests.

Cloakrooms and Lost Property Office

Eventpark AG offers staffed cloakrooms. In all cases, it accepts no liability for valuables in the objects handed over.

Eventpark AG operates an internal lost property office. If the owners of the found objects cannot be identified within two weeks, Eventpark AG will hand over the objects to the lost property office of the city of Dübendorf.

Prohibited Articles / Cloakroom for Prohibited Articles

The following items are prohibited in the location:

  • Any backpacks, suitcases or bags larger than A4 (210 x 297mm)
  • PET containers, cans, glass bottles, tetrapacks and other similar containers
  • Food of all kinds
  • Large banners, flagpoles, selfie sticks and umbrellas
  • Professional cameras, including video cameras, and recording devices of any format (if not accredited by the promoter)
  • Computers and tablets
  • Weapons of all kinds (e.g. knives, weapons, tear gas, pepper spray, gas horns), as well as laser pointers
  • Fireworks, sparklers, smoke bombs, other pyro and Bengal torches
  • Sports equipment such as roller skates or kickboards
  • Prams
  • Animals

Prohibited items can be deposited and collected at the "Prohibited Items" outdoor cloakroom for a fee, provided there is sufficient storage space.

Age Limit

The age limit depends on the specifications of the promoter.


Admission to any event at THE HALL is only permitted with a valid ticket, accreditation or invitation. Tickets and invitations must be retained until the end of the event and presented to the security service on request.


The use of mounting devices e.g. carpet adhesive tape that cannot be removed completely is not permitted in the building or on its site. The cost of removing any residue of such devices or rectifying any damage shall be borne by the client.


In compliance with Section 48 of the Health Act of the Canton of Zurich, the entire THE HALL premises are smoke-free. Smoking is only permitted in the designated areas.

Supplementary Rules of the Promoters

The promoter can define additional rules. These can be obtained from the respective promoter.