Conni Das Zirkus-Musical
The show will be performed in German.

Conni is one of the most popular children's book characters and has been delighting children over the age of three for over three decades. For her young readers, Conni is a kind of "best friend" who, just like her, masters a wide variety of everyday situations. Well over a hundred different Conni books have been published over the past many years. Conni is also a perennial favorite on cassette, CD and DVD, on television, in the cinema and can be experienced anew in THE HALL.

Conni has something very special planned for the weekend: Together with her friend Julia, a big circus performance is coming up at the daycare center, and before that, they're going to spend the night there. However, a lot of things go wrong before the performance, and even Conni's parents have to step in during the circus performance. And what role does Conni's cat Mau play to save the great event? 

For Conni, her family, her friends and all her little and big audience members, there's never a dull moment in this circus musical adventure. There's always something going on and Conni has a lot of fun, even if there are some problems to solve. After all, she has backing from all her many spectators, from her friend Julia, from Mama and Papa Klawitter, and even from her beloved cat Mau! In keeping with the motto "What Conni can do - you can do too!", musical-goers become part of the production and can experience together with Conni and her friends how to master the circus musical adventure and grow beyond themselves. 

The result is a musical fun for young and old, to laugh along and experience, with many great songs and a lot of charm! On February 10, 2023 in THE HALL.


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