In Flames
On November 30, 2022, four Swedish bands will honor THE HALL in one evening.

It should be undisputed that In Flames is one of the best-known bands in the metal genre. For more than two decades, the band, which was originally based in melodic death metal, but now belongs more to modern metal, has been convincing with a creative and impressive consistency. The Swedes are constantly evolving and opening up to new musical influences. The band has won the Swedish Grammis music award three times and has been nominated for the US Grammy twice. A great band, which is becoming more and more mainstream, but always remains true to its roots and makes more and more people aware of the class and quality of their excellent metal sound.

The band At The Gates, also from Gothenburg, which has influenced many bands with its brute sound since the 90s, will be in the luggage. As special guests the two pioneers from Gothenburg will be supported by Imminence and Orbit Culture.

A must-see evening for all fans of the Swedish metal scene. 


Good News

5 pm
6.30 pm
At The Gates, Imminence, Orbit Culture
Category 1
CHF 78
Category 2
CHF 68
Important note

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