HAVASI @ THE HALL am 9.9.2023
After successful concerts in Europe, the USA, Asia and Australia, the unique composer and pianist HAVASI comes to Zurich for the first time with his spectacular new show.

This concert is a rare and unique opportunity to hear the modern classical composer who is second to none. In this special show, HAVASI will perform his latest compositions and most popular hits on the piano. The programme consists of 100% original works by the versatile young composer. HAVASI's innovative music is unlike anything that has come before; fresh, passionate and entertaining at the same time.

A graduate of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music and a classically trained piano virtuoso, HAVASI is one of today's most diverse and exciting young artists, thrilling audiences in sold-out arenas and stadiums around the world. HAVASI has sold more than 500,000 tickets for his shows around the globe. Among many others, he has sold out Wembley Arena in London, Carnegie Hall in New York, Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin, Orchard Hall in Tokyo or the Sydney Opera House. Now he is bringing his show to Zurich. 

While most other artists in the genre of modern classical music interpret the pieces of others, HAVASI plays only his own compositions - each piece is a deeply personal work. Watching the composer perform his own music creates a powerful, almost magical connection between audience and artist.

The concert in Zurich will also include a special show section. The classical pianist is on stage with the rock drummer, united by the desire to make great music beyond genre boundaries. Their performance is both an interplay and a duel, a captivating clash that creates musical sparks and shows the unexpected: the delicacy of the drums & the power of the piano.


Gadget abc Entertainment Group

6.30 pm
8.00 pm
Cat. 1
CHF 120.00
Cat. 2
CHF 97.00
Cat. 3
CHF 77.00
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