Jack White will rock THE HALL on 14 July 2022
Don't miss Jack White live at THE HALL stage, Thursday 14 July 2022.

Jack White, founding member of The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, and The Dead Weather, a 12-time GRAMMY® Award-winner and 36-time nominee, and Third Man Records founder, is set to release his fourth and fifth solo studio albums in 2022. FEAR OF THE DAWN, featuring his latest single “Taking Me Back,” will be released in April, 2022 and ENTERING HEAVEN ALIVE (Third Man Records) will follow in July 2022. 


WHAT IS A “PHONE-FREE SHOW”? Just as it sounds.  No phones allowed in the performance space.  An unplugged, real life experience.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Upon arrival at the venue, Yondr (the phone-pouching company we’ve hired to do this) will have staff available to help you put your phone in a lockable pouch which you keep throughout the night.

WHAT IF I HAVE AN EMERGENCY AND NEED TO ACCESS MY PHONE?  You can unlock your phone from the pouch at any time by going to the clearly-marked Phone Use Areas located in the lobby or the concourse.  See any usher or Yondr staff if you need help finding it.

WHAT ABOUT CASHLESS BARS OR MERCH SELLERS?  We highly recommend you bring a physical credit card just in case you can’t access your phone at the bar or merch area.

WHAT IF I WANT TO POST PHOTOS OR VIDEOS OF THE SHOW ON MY SOCIALS? We can help with that.  Our tour photographer will post live photos and videos every night at jackwhiteiii.com and on Instagram @officialjackwhite.  Download content from the site or repost from Jack’s IG.

WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS AND IS IT MANDATORY?  After creating these phone-free experiences for the last couple of tours, we’re convinced this makes for a better show for everyone involved.  Our eyes open a bit wider and our senses are slightly more heightened when we lose the technology crutch we’ve become accustomed to.  And yes, it’s a non-negotiable deal (although medical exemptions are made for those who rely on their phones for their treatment).


Mainland Music

Live Nation

approx. 10.30pm
Support Act
Larkin Poe
Seated tickets
CHF 86.95
Standing tickets
CHF 98.90
VIP Package 1
CHF 255.20
VIP Package 2
CHF 205.10
Important note

Increased safety measures can lead to increased waiting times at the entrance. Please observe both the coronavirus safety measures and the list of prohibited articles. For example, bags larger than A4 are not permitted. You can find out more in our guest information >

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