KODO Warabe Tour @ THE HALL
Kodo, the magical drummers from Japan, with new program "Warabe" in March 2024 on big Swiss tour.

Precision, complexity, dynamics, aesthetics, interplay and endurance: this is what distinguishes great drumming art and makes the Japanese cult formation Kodo so unique. Wherever Kodo performs: The ovations in sold-out concert halls all over the world never want to end. Over 7000 performances in 53 countries in the last 40 years make Kodo the most famous drum ensemble in the world. "Warabe" is the name of the new program for the Kodo One Earth Tour 2024, which will feature an exciting mix between Kodo classics and compositions by young ensemble members for performance. Kodo can be understood as "heartbeat", the original source of all rhythm. Combining ko (for drum) and do (for child), the message of Kodo evolves as a commitment to simplicity and a return to the roots. It is this incredible momentum of Kodo's authentic Japanese drumming that touches and inspires the world. In March 2024, Kodo, who are forever in their hearts the "Children of the Drum", will be on tour in Switzerland.



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6.30 pm
8 pm
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