Fuelled by an unwavering dedication to their fans and the unbreakable bond of friendship, The Rose continues to push artistic boundaries, captivating audiences worldwide with their soul-stirring music and unforgettable performances.

The Rose is a Korean indie rock band consisting of four talented members: vocalist and guitarist Woosung, vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Dojoon, bassist Jaehyeong and drummer Hajoon. Since their formation, The Rose has been known for their electrifying performances and quickly became one of Korea's most sought-after groups, resonating with fans worldwide. 

In 2022, they released their first album "HEAL", which was inspired by the transformative power of music and the stories of their fans and themselves. "HEAL" entered the Bill-board Heatseekers Charts at number 4 and the accompanying "HEAL Together World Tour" attracted over 90,000 visitors. 

With the highly anticipated second album "DUAL", The Rose takes their music to new heights. Building on the emotional honesty and vulnerability of "HEAL", this latest work explores the profound concept of balance. Seamlessly blending light and dark elements, The Rose masterfully weaves together emotions and sounds, capturing the dualistic essence that defines her music.

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