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Snatam is celebrated for her incandescent luminous voice and profound knowledge of mantra and Kundalini yoga. Accompanied by gifted, versatile musicians, her concerts are joyous, transformational experiences providing solace in these difficult times. 


Audiences are invited to join Snatam in these deeply personal and jubilant sacred song journeys that arc from quiet introspection, to tapping into self-acceptance, self-love, self-awareness, and forgiveness, then arriving at a healing space of giving oneself over to mantra, before moving into the light of pure celebration, and finally a shared space of prayer and blessings. 

Snatam’s band includes her producer, Ram Dass (piano and vocals), Grecco Buratto (guitar and vocals), and Sukhmani Rayat (percussion and vocals). Santam Kaur’s music inspires people the world over. Her concerts are a time for honouring devotion to peace. Connect to the light and love within yourself and feel the wonder of unity as we find inner peace through chants and harmony. 


Early Bird Promotion until January 1st, 2023

As an early bird promotion offer,  someone who purchases a ticket for the concert by January 1st, 2023, will receive a free download of the entire album (all six tracks) for free! Snatam Kaur is generously offering ticket holders early access to her new album, if someone buys a ticket to a concert, or workshop, they will be able to download and enjoy pre-release music that nobody else has access to yet.


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