Die Toten Hosen with a Twist: When Music, Comedy, and Satire Merge Together

Die Toten Hosen with a Twist: When Music, Comedy, and Satire Merge Together

When the Bavarian freethinkers meet the Rhinelanders rooted in punk rock and celebrate their decades-long friendship, no ordinary concert is to be expected. That's how Gerhard Polt, the Well brothers Michael, Stofferl, and Karli together with the Toten Hosen provided a performance in a class of its own on 16 August. 

An obscure mix of satire, chaos, cabaret, rock 'n' roll, and folk music. When Breiti tries his hand at the zither, Andi thrashes on the hammered dulcimer, and Campino blows the alphorn, there is no mention of an ordinary concert. The show resembled more of an exuberant evening among friends. There was dancing, laughing, singing, and celebration.  

The evening opened with the Hosen song "Entschuldigung, es tut uns leid!", followed by hilarious laughs from the Well brothers about their hometown Hausen in Bavaria. Gerhard Polt got the ball rolling with his ironic, intelligent humour - even if you had to listen carefully to understand the satire delivered in "Mountain German".  

The evening was a creative melting pot of music, comedy, and Bavarian culture. Polt and the Well brothers opened up to rock music, while the Hosen confined themselves to acoustic instruments and went along with every Bavarian dialect craze. A cultural appropriation? Rather an imposition, according to the artists.  


Here are some impressions of the show, photographed and provided by Bastian Bochinski.

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