Everything under one roof: Swiss Ski

For the third time in a row, the Alpine and Nordic skiers gathered at THE HALL for the traditional Swiss Ski Pool handover day during the advertising week. In addition to the handover of equipment and material for the upcoming World Cup season, the so-called Winter-Kick-off also included media appointments and photo and film shoots for sponsors, partners and internal purposes. 


Handout Day

At around 20 gear stands in THE HALL, a total of 350 people - athletes, coaches, other staff members and officials from the Alpine and Nordic sectors - were kitted out with the new team clothing for the winter by the Swiss Ski Pool. The alpine athletes received thermal clothing from Descente, gloves and headwear from Reusch, fashion clothing from BAYARD CO LTD and underwear from X-Bionic. In addition, they were all equipped with their individual hardware - and all of them also received winter shoes from On. 10,000 items of equipment were distributed in total.


Photo & video studios

Various photo and video stations were used to take pictures for the autograph cards, cheering graphics, FIS athlete portraits, team pictures and World Cup teasers. The FOYER BALCONY, the STUDIO, the LOFT, part of the HALL (demarcated by the grandstand) and parts of the backstage area were used for this purpose.


Media appointments

Three and a half weeks before the start of the new World Cup season, media representatives also had the opportunity to get in touch with the alpine athletes and the coaching team at various media events during the handover day and ask questions about preparation, general current ski topics and the upcoming competition winter. Parts of the backstage area were used for this purpose.

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Salvatore Parlavecchio

Salvatore Parlavecchio

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