Existing Partnership in Better

Partnerschaft mit Ticketmaster

In August 2021, THE HALL and Ticketmaster Switzerland entered into a strategic partnership. Following the takeover last September, we have reviewed and confirmed these previously agreed arrangements.

The young cooperation starts from 1 May and provides satisfaction on both sides. But in order to continue the agreements made at that time, they were renegotiated, expanded and in the end finalised with numerous benefits for all stakeholders. "Not only do we have access to the most modern and innovative products and services, as already agreed, but we have also jointly refined our marketing and digital strategy in recent weeks," says our Managing Director Natascha Leach, describing the collaboration.
In addition to the attractive added value, we are also pleased to be able to keep the promise made to Ticketmaster in a modernised and refreshed way. For Managing Director George Egloff, this cannot be taken for granted. The partnership with the Ticketmaster team will be visible to fans and promoters alike in a timely manner and will include a series of strong branding campaigns.

 May the THE HALL experience begin with the ticket purchase.



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