Homecoming around the campfire

In the spirit of the motto "around the campfire", we were able to celebrate our homecoming event on the LOFT TERRACE for the first time again on 29 June after a long break. A celebration for our partners and customers, as a thank you for the cooperation, trust and loyalty. 

"The scent of a warm summer night" best describes the cosy evening. From the crackling wood from the fire ring to the last rays of sunlight that stray through the clouds onto the LOFT TERRACE and the light of the candles and lanterns that displace the twilight.

The highlight of the evening: the culinary delights. Our guests were treated to Carne Cruda with black garlic mayonnaise and Oxalis, Kobe beef refined with watermelon radish and amaranth as well as turbot with Verjus Beurre blanc, Oona Caviar and Argan gnocchi (to name just a few delicacies).

A very special eye (and palate) catcher was the Feuerring (fire ring), on which pulpo arms with beetroot, melon salad and sea buckthorn oil, bear crabs with barley risotto and last but not least Inside Skirt & Tomahawk were prepared.

The dessert variations then made the last gourmet hearts beat faster.

The culinary creations were accompanied by fancy summer cocktails from the shaker by Drinks to enjoy

As one of the most modern locations in Switzerland, we create the perfect setting for the perfect experience; be it for 50 or for 5000 guests. The events that have already taken place at our location show how versatile it is.