Tropical Night

Tropical Night 2021 THE HALL Zürich

This themed event is a good example of how you can tailor everything to your event theme. At this Christmas under the motto "Tropical Night", around 750 employees of a large Swiss company enjoyed a THE HALL evening with an exotic flair. 

The agency "Neuerdings", the location has been styled according to the theme. With a variety of plants, colorful umbrellas as well as tables, atmospheric lighting and other decorative elements, visitors were immersed directly in the new tropical paradise of Zurich.

At the entrance, the THE HALL culinary team at the bamboo bar, dressed in Hawaiian shirts and straw hats, put the guests in an anticipation mood with a Coco Loco in the coconut or an alcohol-free cocktail called "Tropical Breeze". The first aperitif appetizers from the Yakitori stand in the form of freshly grilled saté skewers or pulled chicken sandwiches prepared live from the Cuban Bar delighted their palate.

The fact that this evening actually took place a day in the grey, cold Winder was quickly forgotten. The whole setting instantly conjured up an exuberant mood – it quickly felt like you were somewhere on a Caribbean island. And look: there's a fish market. The sushi bar served the guests from whole salmon and hamachi cut out, fresh sashimi and various nigris and maki sushi as well as ceviche from the sea bream. Large fish and a king crab as decoration were the eye-catchers in the Foyer Hall. Various tropical beers such as Desperados, Modelo Negra, Tiger Beer, Chang Beer, Hanalei Island and similar complemented the beverage range.

After the arrival and the aperitif, the guests continued tropically in the hall at the banquet. As a starter, a grilled watermelon in the nori leaf on avocado cream with Caribbean spiced pumpkin and pickled vegetables inspired. The main course took you to Argentina. There was a fillet of Argentine gaucho beef with chimichurri, sweet potato stock and corn bean vegetables – in the vegan/vegetarian version, a quinoa lentil patty replaced the meat. In keeping with this culinary trip to South America, the service poured Malbec from Mendoza into the red wine glasses.

A great comedy and music show later, dessert variations were already on the tables: pralines with piña colada filling, small truffles with apricot filling, various exotic Luxemburgerli, tartelettes with lemon crème, Financiers with coconut and panna cotta as well as white chocolate tarts with passion fruit jelly. In addition, there was the dessert buffet in the foyer with broken chocolate and exotic dried fruits, a fruit buffet, the ice cream cart with tropical ice cream varieties and toppings.  

And now the guests let the "Tropical Night" end with tasty cocktails.

As one of the most modern locations in Switzerland, we create the right setting for the perfect experience; be it for 50 or for 5000 guests. How changeable THE HALL is is shown by the events that have already taken place here.