HPE Reimagine 2017

HPE's new, fresh and innovative "Open Space" concept met with an extremely positive response from customers and more than 20 committed sponsors, and was very well received. The design of the event is simple: The keynote presentations on the main stage, the kick-off presentations in smaller theatres and the large exhibition all took place in a single hall. This modern concept allowed visitors to move around freely and informally throughout the day. They could spontaneously decide to join a presentation – easily and without prior notice. Between the presentations, the guests visited the many booths of HPE and its partners, and found out about products, solutions and services. Networking is an important part of the event. The new event design supported this point excellently.

Samsung Hall, now THE HALL, was the perfect setting for the open-plan concept of Reimagine 2017, which also underlines the openness of HPE. The “Netzwoche” carried a very detailed account of this conference (in German): www.netzwoche.ch/news/2017-06-23/hpe-zeigt-sich-in-offenem-gewand.

As one of the most modern locations in Switzerland, we create the perfect setting for the perfect experience, whether for 50 or 5000 guests. Just how versatile THE HALL is can be seen from the events that have already taken place here.