MarketingBAMM! 2018

Marketing BAMM! at THE HALL
It was the best decision to do the show with and at THE HALL.
Bianca Grünwedel | Head of Congresses at the ESB Marketing Network

The "MarketingBAMM!" innovation is set to start, the sound system is booming, smoke is rising and the giant LED wall is showing blazing flames. Suddenly Dietmar Dahmen sweeps onto the stage on an electric motorbike. And boom! This is how knowledge transfer works today.

On 19 February 2018, with enormous pizzazz, the futurologist Dietmar Dahmen demonstrated to the audience the most exciting trends in digitalisation. The flexibility and infrastructure of the hall, with grandstand seating, the spacious foyer for networking breaks and the large LED wall, provided the perfect setting for this event.

As one of the most modern locations in Switzerland, we create the perfect setting for the perfect experience, whether for 50 or 5000 guests. Just how versatile THE HALL is can be seen from the events that have already taken place here.