PIRELLI Night 2019

We are very pleased with the facilities, the quality of the food and your local team, who have always been helpful. Thank you!

As soon as the guests arrived at Samsung Hall, now THE HALL, the Lamborghinis at the entrance and the racing cars in the Hall made the hearts of every car fan beat faster. The tyre manufacturer PIRELLI hosted its legendary PIRELLI Night on 29 January 2019. Before the unveiling of the new calendar, the automotive industry met for presentations. The room plan was designed in such a way that the theatre seating could make way for the standing tables during the transition to the evening event. The guests, enjoying an aperitif while networking in the rear part of the Hall at the bar and in the lounge area, were unaware that the conversion was taking place.

Then it was time to take a first look at the new edition of the famous PIRELLI calendar – a highly coveted collector's item. The 500 invited guests did not want to miss the pictures by photographer Albert Watson, among them well-known faces like Sven Epiney, Clive from the TV series "Der Bachelor", comedian René Rindlisbacher, and ex-Bachelor star Janosch Nietlispach. Presenter Christa Rigozzi led the proceedings throughout the evening and Marc Amacher provided a performance of blues music showcasing his striking voice.

As one of the most modern locations in Switzerland, we create the perfect setting for the perfect experience, whether for 50 or 5000 guests. Just how versatile THE HALL is can be seen from the events that have already taken place here.