Loft Terrace – The Oasis

The Loft Terrace with its Mediterranean ambience is the perfect place for your summer party. With an unmistakable view out over the landscape, you and your guests can enjoy a refreshing drink and delicacies from the barbecue smoker. The large awning provides shade on sunny days or keeps you dry in light rain.

Or how about a cosy après-ski event to ward off the winter weather? Hides, blankets and fire pits provide chalet flair, and fondue and mulled wine will warm guests up from the inside. If the weather chooses not to play along, simply move the event to the adjacent loft at short notice.


Rooftop Terrace – The Break Booster

The Rooftop Terrace is the highest part of THE HALL. You can catch some fresh air on the rooftops during the breaks in your seminar, or enjoy a coffee break or an aperitif. The Rooftop Terrace has two storeys and offers plenty of space for ideas.

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Christian Mathys

Christian Mathys